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The bond between a father and son is so strong.

“Paternity in the UK?”

“Yes, Paternity in the UK. It’s a good title isn’t it?”

“Well… it’s a bit… boring isn’t it?”

“Definitely not boring. It sounds like ‘Anarchy in the UK’, see? This is Punk Parenting. A whole new approach. Parenting made simple. A can do attitude. And things like that.”

“But Anarchy doesn’t really sound like Paternity”

“It does a little bit. And anyway ‘From here to Paternity’ was taken”.

…and so against the advice of pretty much everyone, ‘Paternity in the UK’ is born! This is about my experiences as a father looking after my little boy Ted after his mum goes back to work. That him on the right. He’s 6 months old now and we’ve got 3 months together as we both try to work out what we’re doing.

My name is James Peacock and I’ll be blogging about our adventures, and hopefully offer a bit of advice to other dads who are thinking of taking on something similar.

As this is my first full day on the job, I can so far report it’s been ok, barring a couple of tantrums – one from me, one from him. So in the words of Jonny Rotten:

I… wanna be… Paternity!

If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me on james@paternityintheuk.co.uk 

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