Ladies who lunch

A meeting with the mums. This is going to be weird…

Except it wasn’t. My wife has handed over not just the baby but her circle of mum friends who I met up with for the first time today. I was a bit nervous about it since I thought it might be a bit… well, weird.

But as I say, it wasn’t. So from the meeting with the mums here’s a summary of the differences between stay-at-home-dads and stay-at-home-mums:


Differences: Gender

Similarities: Pretty much the rest of our waking lives.

This hadn’t really occurred to me before. But the mums were genuinely interested to get a dad’s view on things. I think they were a little disappointed when they discovered my life was pretty much exactly the same as theirs. I was asked at one point:

“Is it weird going out in public? Do you get stared at – being a man with a push chair?”

It had never even occurred to me that this might be the case. But I’ll keep a look out today to see if people are staring (is this how paranoia starts?).

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