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How hard can it be?

Much as I hate being a cliche, I’m afraid my multi-tasking skills failed me today. This was the site that greeted my wife when she finished work – the result of attempting to cook tea and look after baby Ted at the same time.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was how much there is to learn taking on the full time care of Ted when my wife went back to work. We spend all our weekends together so I thought it can’t be that different can it?

Once the safety net of my wife is taken away (“How much mild does he need per feed? Is it OK if he has his nap 30 minutes early?  Are you sure the nappy is supposed to look like this??”), then it gets a bit more difficult.

Still, 4 days in to the job and I feel I’m doing ok. The boss-man is a bit more demanding when I get it wrong than my regular boss, and his communication skills aren’t up to much. But we’ll get there.

How hard can it be?

2 thoughts on “Multi-tasking

  1. Gabrielle Bryden

    Popped over from Norfolk ‘n Good! Wow – good on you. My husband is about to stay home and do all the day to day stuff when I go back to work – but the kids are 12 and 14 so it is a different kettle of fish (though I am sure the sink will look like that most days ;) ).

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks very much Gabrielle! Good to hear there’s more joining the brotherhood of stay at home dads.


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