I have to say I wasn’t massively looking forward to taking the little man swimming. We’ve tried it once before with my wife and I taking him, and it was very hard work – I struggle enough getting my self dry after swimming (I never did come up with a solution to putting on shoes and socks on a wet floor), but add in a crying baby in to the mix and it can be almost impossible.

I had done a recce at the swimming pool 2 days earlier. So I already knew about the two flights of stairs (and no lift), and so a push chair was out of the question. Also the changing facilities in the men’s was pretty basic:


But one changing table is better than none, and actually is all you need as long as you have everything (make that TWO of everything) packed and sorted before you go.

Once we were in the pool we had a great time and it was all worth it. We were only in there for 20 minutes but those 20 minutes made a whole week’s worth or planning worth it. we had a great time splashing around, although less of a good time with the water boarding  ducking Ted’s head under which the instructor made us do.

This was the activity where I saw most other dads – for some reason it seems to be a manly activity. This might be because its very good fun.


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