The lazy man’s guide to cooking baby food

I hate cooking. I mean, really hate it.

I’d rather do the washing up. So this is generally the role I take on in our relationship.

But babies have to eat. As I also have a pathological aversion to comic sans type face, this rules out buying ready made baby food from the supermarket.

I’m therefore faced with a dilemma. Cook or face up to supermarket baby food. I decided to cook.

This is my first experiment with cooking baby food. Looking at recipe books and on the internet, there seems to be loads of recipes that are very similar, so I thought, why not try to get it all out the way in one go and cook 5 meals in one go?

So I…

  • Boiled some sweet potato
  • Bought a packet of ready chopped carrot and swede from the supermarket and boiled that
  • Roasted a butternut squash (as in shoved it in the over for 20 minutes)
  • Microwaved some peas, sweetcorn
  • Took some frozen chopped spinach and frozen peppers out the freezer and microwaved them.

I then mashed, chopped and blended as necessary which gave me this:


I mixed them up in different amounts which gave me five different meals:

  • Peppers and sweet potato
  • Peas and squash
  • Sweet potato and mixed peppers
  • Squash, sweetcorn carrot
  • Carrot, swede and peas

No more cooking for three weeks! I think I’m missing a bit of protein so I might try some meat or lentils next time.

I mention all this not because I think I’m the next Annabel Karmel (she’s a cook from America whose websites I now browse rather than the football results). But I thought the approach might be interesting for people who don’t like cooking like me – and at the risk of being sexist there’s probably more men in that category than women.



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