What is Additional Paternity Leave?

That’s what this blog is about after all. If you really want to know what its about then its probably best to check with the experts:


But essentially it means that mums and dads can now share leave to look after the baby. Father’s can take leave any time after the baby is 6 months old but not before (I think this is to encourage breast feeding). You’re then entitled to £138.18 a week (at 2014 rates) for up to 6 months.

Possibly more importantly, you’re employer has to give the same rights as they would to a mother if you ask for leave. So they can’t say no without a good reason, and they can’t replace you while your off and all that kind of thing. Personally speaking, my employers were very supportive through the whole process (I think the HR department were quite excited about processing a request for paternity leave), but I guess its different for different companies.


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